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Ciesla 28 days ago

Two Blocks Up

sooo amazing i love this dish!

Kataugostini about 2 months ago

Honey Lavender Latte

Warm, smooth, delicious. By far my fave drink <3 and you can't beat the cozy space!

Amimartin 2 months ago

The Cousin

This salad is absolutely delicious! I added grilled salmon. Just the perfect combo of sweet and savory ingredients and the dressing was light and not overpowering. Filling and healthy!

Faithyr2000 3 months ago

The Border Crossing

The Border Crossing is legitimately like Mexican+healthy food had a love child in your mouth. It's ridiculously satisfying & I would get it again and again and recommend it to any and everyone. I will try everything on this menu if it's the last thing I do! It all sounds too good to be true, and the space is unreal.

Traviswboyle 3 months ago

The Kitchen Sink

Awesome vibes and great food (plus a great cocktail to go along with it). People watching from the porch made for a great meal!

Scs317 4 months ago

Ahi Taco

Great open air beach setting. Ahi tuna tacos with sone crazy delicious sauce a must try. Lots of healthy and gluten free choices.

Earle 5 months ago

The Border Crossing

I shared The Border Crossing with my wife on a recent visit . . . very tasty! A wonderfully filling dish.

Rachaelaguirre 5 months ago

Rishi Turmeric Ginger Chai Latte

This latte is heavenly!!! I recently gave up coffee and was struggling to find a delicious substitute. Now I can't imagine a day without one of these delicious, energizing and healthy lattes. I have not found one better!!

Nvillas0328 5 months ago


So delicious! It's a classic sandwich made with quality, fresh ingredients. It was filling and satisfying.

Cearam 6 months ago

The Border Crossing

The border crossing never fails me! Just the right portions and lightness to get me through my day. I stop by almost every shift, accompanied with a honey lavender latte— iced!

Dendentino 6 months ago


Absolutely love Homie! It stands true to its name and always makes me feel so welcome when I'm there. I had a chai latte and it was so delicious that I returned a few days later and asked the woman if I could have a vanilla chai latte. They typically don't have these on the menu but she was kind enough to put a few pumps of vanilla and try it out for me. It was perfect! I will certainly be returning. The staff and atmosphere are so great

Hherman2 7 months ago

The Cousin

The Cousin salad w/ salmon makes me salivate just thinking about it. So fresh, perfect portion and makes my day.

Chrisunguez 7 months ago

The Cousin

Love adding salmon to this delicious, healthy lunch salad!

Mhong04 about 1 month ago

Honey Lavender Latte

The honey lavender latte is so good! You can taste the coffee with lavender flavor. It is my go to when I need to start the day.

Fayeferriday about 2 months ago

The Homeskillet

We love the food and atmosphere at Homie. The all day menu has everything. It is family and dog friendly with kids menu items that my children will happily eat. We went with family visiting from overseas who had jet lag and the kids wanted lunch at 7am in the morning and the all day menu was perfect! Thanks Homie, we will be back again very soon!

Alexandra 2 months ago

The Homeskillet

This was mind blowing lot delicious. Stopped in for coffee not knowing there was a food menu. I got the home skillet because it sounded fresh and delicious and I was not disappointed! It was light and filling and the perfect start to my day. I will certainly be back... and I'm bringing friends!

Carrie 3 months ago

The Homie

The best breakfast burrito around!!! Mmmm.... going again in the morning. I need one now!

Kelley 4 months ago

The Tater

I made this up on a dare and now I'm addicted to it. A-may-zing!

Susan 5 months ago

The J Bird

The absolute best salad ever! Not sure I picked the right item-but it was the one with strawberries, Kale, Spinach and chicken! YUM! What a great combo with the feta for tartness, the seasoned chicken and grilled Brussels sprouts rounded off a pleasing to the sense treat! This was my first trip here after hearing so much about it from Molly Hobin Willimas and Elizabeth Riddel! I will definitely be back and invite friends! Well done! My new favorite local spot!

Earle 5 months ago

The Posse

The Posse was THE PERFECT sandwich to satisfy my craving for a hearty meal. The meatballs were delicious, the marinara sauce was amazing, and the French Roll was the perfect vessel to hold all of the yummy! I opted for sweet potato fries as my side and they were tasty. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Bgeorge 5 months ago

The Homie

Great burrito. My favorite on my trip to LA.

Shiggins004 6 months ago

The Homie

Almond croissant is by far the best I've ever tasted! I tend to order them whenever and wherever possible! Also, my son ordered the breakfast burrito which is awesome!!! I'm a local resident and I'm thrilled we have this restaurant !!!!

Ealanoori 6 months ago

The Avo

I love this place. The whole ambiance the moment you walk in is great. Everyone bring everything to you, you have such a great selection of infused waters and iced teas. The food is INCREDIBLE. There are SO many options for everyone no matter what your diet is. This is also a wonderful place if you need to plug in your laptop and just work here, never loud, always easy to get in. It's almost like your home... :)

Mfrenkelbu 6 months ago

The Homie

Best burrito is the south, have had it 5x in the past 2 weeks!!!

Karamja 7 months ago

The Homie

Loved this burrito!!! They will also make it to order. Creamy eggs with just enough pepper jack to give it a little kick!

Guest 8 months ago

The Homiette

This was great!


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